Paros VIP Transfers with a Rafnar 1200 T-Top

Private Boat Transfers from Paros

A leisure powerboat ideal for recreational cruises, VIP transfers or even acting as a support boat to our luxurious crewed motor yachts. The 1200 is a 12-meter luxury RIB-tender strictly designed for the yacht market, able to accommodate up to 10 guests. Its unique hull ensures unrivaled seaworthiness, stability and comfort in all weather conditions and promises a safe, smooth yet fast transfer to all your desired destinations. 

One of the safest and most solid boating structures to hit the waters making it the smoothest ride in its class. RAFNAR implements its core fundamental design qualities through carefully designing an anti-slamming, bouncing reduction and shock mitigating platform for all the comfort & luxury features required for a multi-purpose yacht tender, day cruiser or simply stand-alone voyager. Having onboard 3X Suzuki V6 350 hp engines, will exploit your desires and take this transfer to the next level. Accompanied by a crew of 2, your cruise will be a unique & memorable experience in the magnificent Cyclades. 

Our RAFNAR 1200 T-Top will be mainly used as a transfer vessel from Mykonos, Athens, and Paros. Paros’ unique and enviable way of combining some modern infrastructure with traditional architecture and the authentic spirit, will take your breath away and make you fall in love with its beauty. 

Tailor-made transfers to Santorini, Andros, Tinos, Koufonisia, Milos & Sifnos will be done as well. Request your VIP transfer and let us design a high-end tailor-made to your needs experience. 

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