What do I bring with me?

Going sailing definitely is very different to when you go on holidays ashore, a mix of adventure, luxury, tranquility and excitement which can appeal to one and all!

Sailing trips are different to any other type of holiday for a number of reasons, one of the most important ones is lack of limitless space on board! The other one is that while sailing, you may end up sweating during the daytime, but feel chilly when night falls. With this in mind we present the ideal packing list for your sailing holiday so you will enjoy every moment on board and get the most out of your yachting adventure with YachtHop!

Essentials: Start planning your packing by selecting the right luggage! When you come on board don't pack excessively. A duffle bag or even a back pack should be more than enough for a week's sailing. Any hard-cased suitcase is difficult for your skipper to bring it on board and will fill up space in your cabin that you wish you had available for yourself!

For both men & women the necessary clothing you should consider bringing is:

  • 3 or more swimsuits for a week's sailing - Flip-Flops or thongs (Ozies) definitely a must for when being around the water.

  • If you have boat shoes bring them, if not then a pair of sneakers will do the job getting you around in the rough paths of the Greek Islands.

  • A baseball cup will protect you from the hot sun and a pair of sunglasses is essential to keep your eyes protected.

  • 3-5 shorts for the week should be more than enough and a T-Shirt for each day will do the job for the days we sail.

  • A long-sleeve shirt will help you if you need to cover up from the sun & a light jacket for the nights when the breeze brings temperature down is a must.

Ladies particulars: A couple of strap tops, few vest tops, and 5-6 t-shirts will be enough for a week. A pair of denim shorts, a couple of dresses for a night-out and underwear will be the utmost essentials for a lady on a yacht! Sandals since you're sailing Greece are also a must!

Men particulars: Guys, this is mostly so you don't forget the important stuff! So, a couple of jeans or linen trousers along with a couple of shirts will be enough for looking like a yachtie when ashore! Apart from swimsuits, flip-flops, jacket and sunnies, a pair of closed shoes will be fine for when you're about to go for a stroll & don't forget your undies & a belt!

Toiletries for everyone should be kept to the minimum necessary stuff and any kind of cream, lotion, sun-screen etc can be bought locally so you save space and avoid repacking at airports!

Gadgets apart from phone, a camera, a selfie-stick (yes, it's kind of essential when sailing :-) ) and your power plugs, along with a USB cord should be fine. Oh, and make sure you have your favorite tunes on your phone so you can plug it in when you get on board and start the party! Last but not least you will need a Beach towel, you can either buy it locally, or bring it with you!


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