Day Sailing Cruises in Mykonos

Explore the beaches around amazing Mykonos with our scheduled half day cruises or as part of our hop on - hop off multi day itineraries from Mykonos to nearby islands!

Mykonos is rightly one of the most famous islands in Greece, well known for its cosmopolitan lifestyle and as a playground of the rich and famous. Summers in Mykonos are never dull! Our scheduled day and half day trips allow you to explore the beaches and coves of Mykonos in style on a variety of yachts and motor yachts according to your taste. If you are feeling more adventurous Mykonos is also part of our unique 7 day hop on / hop off Cyclades tour taking in the islands of Mykonos, Naxos, Paros and Ios. Our hop on / hop off trips starting in Mykonos are available for 3, 6 or 7 days either returning to Mykonos or allowing you to disembark at Naxos or Ios.

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  • Day trips

Explore the beauty of the Cyclades in style on an amazing Catamaran! Our hop on / hop off flexi trips starting from Mykonos include visits to Naxos, Paros and Ios.

Explore the most beautiful beaches and bays of the island with our popular Mykonos day sailing cruise. Swim, snorkel or simply lounge in the sun!

Spend a spectacular day exploring the most beautiful beaches, accessible only by sea, on board a Motorboat sailing around Mykonos! Swim, snorkel or simply lounge in the sun!

Start your very special day on board our luxury motoryacht from Platys Gialos and leave Mykonos behind, as we head off towards Paros Island, a place of considerable history and tradition!

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