Day Sailing Cruises in Corfu

The birthplace of Achilles, the largest of the Ionian islands, and a town recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage site are just few of the things that make Corfu a legendary destination for travelers from all over the globe!

Add to this the amazing beaches with azure waters, the hospitable attitude of its residents and the local cuisine, and you won’ t find many excuses not to consider Corfu as one of the top places to visit in Greece. With a range of islands nearby islands and the mainland being a stone’s throw away, experiencing the beauty of Corfu and the Ioanian coast is even better when explored by sea on board one of YachtHop’s cruises!

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1 Day Trip

Inhabited since the ancient times, Corfu has been part of the written history of Greece for good reason! Loved by princes, empresses, poets and explorers, is a place that never stopped attracting a great numbers of travellers who loved the lush green landscape, the beautiful beaches and great architecture!

1 Day Trip

An island whose capital is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage site, Corfu has lived through the centuries by its connection with Greece & Italy through the sea. Enjoy the most breathtaking views Corfu has to offer, by joining our unique full day sailing experience on board a traditional wooden motor-sailer and let her crew make you feel like home!

3, 7 Days Trip
Hop On - Off

Join our 7 day flexi sailing trip starting from Corfu every Tuesday afternoon that will take you to the some of the most beautiful places of the Northern Ionian coast!

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