Before getting onboard

By joining one of YachtHop’s Sailing experiences you will be introduced to a total new way of living. This is the YachtLife, and with YachtHop you will learn more about sailing & the sea, learn how to become part of a team where everyone has to do something different in order to get the boat running. Learn more about the culture & the Greek people and way of life, but most important … experience the best way to explore Greece, by boat while being taken care of by our experienced skippers!

Why sail in Greece?

In a country that there is no settlement further than 50 miles away from the sea, with over 6000 inhabited & uninhabited islands & a rich maritime tradition dating back to the Bronze Age, there is no better place to introduce yourself to the sailing experience. Be it a short day cruise or a longer multi day trip, we proud to introduce you to the beauties of our country while you’re sailing aboard one of our amazing yachts!

Why Yachtop?

Because it is a lot easier this way! Since we take over all the planning for you, you don’t have to worry about finding a yacht or crew. You don’t have to waste your time doing shopping, and even more important you don’t have to research and calculate all sailing times and running expenses of a yacht! Just pick the sailing area you prefer, grab a friend or come solo and have an unforgettable time sailing the Greek Islands!

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