About YachtLife

Regardless of where you’ve decided to sail, it’s sure to be the trip of a lifetime! Now you’re well on your way to your first YachtLife experience, sailing around this island paradise; pristine beaches, gorgeous coastal towns and crystal-clear waters are all calling your name.

Not many of our clients have sailed before, but a all wish to come aboard, grab the helm, learn about sails or relax on deck soaking up the sun and watching the sea around you. So what is life like on a sailing yacht ?

Well… Let’s start from the basics! A modern sailing yacht is a floating house with “mini-rooms”, aka the cabins, which are used for keeping your things mostly but also for sleeping! Before you see your cabins when you step down in a yacht, you see the galley; the central part of the boat, more frequently known as the Salon or the living quarters, and this is where you prepare food, stash beers and sit around the sofa for the rare times it’s raining outside during the Greek summer!

Oh wait! There are more places on a yacht that you need to learn about! And this is the Head! A head on a yacht is the space dedicated to being a shower room & toilet, and usually on average there are 3 on each yacht. A hose turns the WC into a shower room, and an automatic pump is your friend to drain waters from the inside. Not many are real fans of the toilet and shower system on a yacht, but they do the job and really, we are taking a sailing trip for the onboard facilities!

As we go above-deck, we are facing the Cockpit, which is the rear-central part of the yacht where there is a folding table with seats around it and behind that, the Helm! The cockpit is like a balcony for a yacht, and is the space you will most probably be spending the most time while sailing to enjoy all the amazing scenery!

Now let’s go to the front of the boat, which is called the bow! The bow has enough space for most of you to lay on deck, relax by reading a book or simply enjoying the breathtaking views around us as we sail. The bow is also the best dolphin watching spot!

But wait, how will I be charging my phone and camera on a yacht when sailing? Maybe not in the exact same way as home, but we still have thought to provide USB plugs for you to be able to charge your devices, however charging is a bit slower as yachts use a 12V electrical circuit, instead of the 220V available at land. And yes, there is sound system too so you can plug your own music in and listen to your favorite tunes!

As we have gone through the basics of living inside & outside of a yacht, let’s see what a typical day out in the water is like.

Starting early is the norm, unless we have to seek shelter from some unusual weather! So wake up, grab your sunnies and phone and either go exploring around the port, taking advantage of the gentle early morning light, or just sit in a café and try a special Iced coffee while using the Wi-Fi to post some stories from your adventures. Around 10:30 is the departure time each morning and all crew needs to be back onboard by then, to set sail to our swim stop where we will be dropping anchor and have a swim in colourful clear waters. A light lunch will be prepared on board, with the freshest local ingredients we can get for you. Each day we plan to arrive at port by 16:30-17:00, so you will have enough time to explore the island at an easy pace.

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