Multi-Day Sailing Experiences

YachtHop is proud to present a whole new way of seeing the Greek Islands with our unique hop on / hop off multi day sailing experiences.

Aimed at anyone that has always wanted to experience sailing the Greek islands but did not have the time or ready group of friends that are usually required!

Our Hop on / Hop off trips are the perfect way to experience one of life's greatest pleasures - sailing around the Greek islands! Our trips are designed so that you may either return to the island you started at the end of the trip or sail only part of the complete trip and disembark at another island! It is island hopping by sailboat rather than a ferry! Each trip has different itineraries depending on the area involved and the distances between nearby islands. We invite you to explore our multi day trips and create your very own Greek island hopping adventure!

All of our multi day trips are open to solo travellers, couples and groups of up to 10-12 people depending on the size of the boat. Solo travellers or couples may book a berth on a trip and meet like minded travellers who are also travelling alone or in pairs. Larger groups may easily book more berths on a shared boat or if the group is large enough book an entire boat for a truly private sailing adventure!

We have handpicked a selection of multi day trips covering the most beautiful regions in Greece, where you will be able to explore the hidden coves and bays that are only accessible when you travel by sea! By finding the most suitable yachts for each trip and carefully picking their crews, we will show you the absolute best way to explore Greece, by boat!

A mix of adventure and leisure, life on a yacht (even for a day or two) will make you feel like the time has stopped and the serenity of the landscape and of the sea will conquer your senses. Let your skipper show you the best of the Greek culture, point you to the best activities on each island and offer you some tasty local delicacies in order for you to experience the true Greek way of life! 


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